January 10, 2019


Some Coin Collection Ideas and Themes to Begin With

If you are a newbie to coin collection and have no idea where to begin, you can refer to these coin collecting ideas and themes to begin with. This is what holds the beauty of coin collection exceptional and interesting that it tends to range from a plethora of possible combinations and subjects to base your coin collection on. If you don’t know where to shop, Google, “Coin Shop near me” and head to the nearest one.

Refer to the coin collection ideas and themes below.

  1. Year collection

This is the most common coin collecting theme—on the basis of the year. This can be implemented in many ways: gather every coin for a particular country for a selected year such as your birthday, or when the first man landed on the moon in the year of 1969. Or you can also focus on collecting one type of coin like the Roosevelt Dimes from the year 1946 to the present year.

  1. Country Collections

This is another popular trend to pay heed to. You can collect coins on the basis of countries, generally the country where you are residing. You can also try a huge variety of coin worldwide.

  1. Mint Marks

This is deemed an extension of coin collection by year, means having the same coin and year with the varied mint marks to put together an exceptional coin collection.

  1. Time Period Collection

The history aficionados are appealed to this way of coin collection. If you love World War I, you can gather all US or Country coins ranging from the year 1914 to 1918. You can also collect the coins from when Abraham Lincoln was the US President from the year 1860 to 1865.

  1. Series & Type Set

This collection entails a series of amalgamation of coins for a specific period like all the Roosevelt Dimes. Apart from the years, the collection should have various mint marks as well. A type set is referred to the collection for every major design for a certain denomination like all kinds of nickels namely Shield Nickel, Buffalo Nickel, and the Jefferson Nickel.

  1. Error Coins

You can also focus on the denominations and types. Go for double strikes, broad strikes, and off center strikes. They all are entailed as error coins.

  1. World Coins

If you want something more than the US coins, you can collect coins from foreign countries as well. These coins entail bi-metallic coins, coins bearing holes, various languages etc.

  1. Ancient Coins

These are really, really old coins. These coins were made individually or hand poured. These coins were usually from Greece or Rome.

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