February 2021


A Beginners Guide On How To File An Amazon Appeal?

It is common knowledge that accounts suspension on Amazon is not only detrimental for you but also your business. It can lead to financial losses but that is only a small part of the problem. Several businesses have suffered permanent bans on Amazon which has effectively ended their dream of entrepreneurship. So we are going to detail certain steps which will help you file an appeal in case you find your Amazon Account Suspended.

Find Out Why You Were Suspended

Filing an Amazon Appeal without even bothering to check what made them discontinue your account is an exercise in futility. Whenever they suspend your account, Amazon notifies you by mail of the possible reasons for their actions. One of the reasons could be the performance of your product. The other could be possible violations or failure to follow guidelines either by you or the product you are trying to sell. They also explain the steps that can be taken to recover your account in case they have only taken this step temporarily.

Make A Formal Request To Amazon for Appeal

These requests need to be extremely professional. You cannot use informal language or show any sort of anger while replying to them. IN case you believe you have made a mistake, you should acknowledge that and inform them of the steps you are taking to fix that error. In case you need any help from their side do let them know. But if you feel that you haven’t made any error from your side or that the suspension is without merit, you need to mention the same in a firm but polite manner.

Play The Waiting Game

Amazon is a big organization. The department that handles requests related to Amazon Appeal may be looking at numerous such cases daily. So you need to be patient in this regard. While waiting for their response, you can also make strategies on the future course of action about how not to make such errors in the future. In case you find that you need help in this area, there is merit in hiring a professional who helps you manage your account better.


It is possible that your Amazon account suspended for reasons that may not be very big. Also, it may be restored within a short period. Even then it makes sense to know about the appeals process in case you might need to use this knowledge.

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Why Should You Consider Blogger Outreach Services For Your Business?

As a business owner, you will have to be on your toes continuously to expand your business. Marketing and promotions are ways by which your business can skyrocket. Also, these days digital marketing tactics are helping businesses get visibility and reach to their desired audience. One of the famous trends these days includes Blogger outreach services which are famously known as influencer marketing. These reap a lot of benefits to your business. If you are sceptical about opting for influencer marketing, here are some reasons why you should consider it.

Benefits of opting for blogger outreach services for your business

  • Gains trust of customers: These days, customers are looking out for trustworthy and reliable businesses. Today, you need to prove your credibility to your customers and let them know that they can depend on you. Since bloggers can be trusted and write about your brand with more impact, readers tend to develop curiosity and positivity for your brand.
  • Budget-friendly: Another benefit of using these services is that they are cost-effective. It might take very less money to no money at all to promote your brand via influencer marketing. This is one of the major reasons why people companies these days are opting for blogger outreach services. Also, they have a positive impact on your SEO and content marketing strategies.
  • Better brand visibility: If you want to outrank your competitors in the market, you need to establish a reputation among people. Bloggers are very impactful as far as spreading the word about your business is concerned. With their powerful content, they can create a lasting impression of your brand on the audience.

Well, we hope these reasons are enough to convince you to opt for influencer marketing for your business growth. In a very short time, you will see how your business gets exponential growth.

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Getting Assistance With Your Paid Media Advertising

When it comes to marketing your website, rather than take the time for search engine optimisation to kick in, which can take a while, many companies will opt for different forms of paid advertising. You can use many platforms for paid advertising, and it can help generate brand awareness and sales while your SEO is still maturing. If you are looking to increase sales quickly, below are some of the platforms you can use, but it is always best to employ an expert to run your campaign.

Google AdWords

One of the most popular forms of digital paid advertising for websites is Google AdWords, which can get you to the top of the search results within minutes, rather than waiting months for SEO. If you employ an AdWords management company, they can help you streamline your campaign and maximise your investment return. You can also try and run your campaign yourself, but you can spend a lot of money and get little or no return without expert knowledge.


Instagram is an excellent platform for paid advertising, especially if you have products that you are selling that can be showcased in beautiful and creative images. As with most social media platforms, you can use laser-like precision to target your audience and ensure your ads get in front of people they are relevant to and encourages them to engage with them. A reputable digital agency will be able to optimise your campaign and ensure an excellent return on investment.


Facebook is another excellent platform to use, and you will want a presence on here even if you are not doing paid advertising. You can choose many different types of ads on Facebook, which means you can use text, images, videos, and more when creating an advert. Most digital agencies that do social media marketing can effectively run your Facebook campaign and increase your sales and brand awareness. You can also use Facebook to interact directly with your customers, and it is an excellent tool for customer service and complaints handling.


TikTok is a video sharing platform popular with many of the younger generation, so if your products or services are targeting millennials, it can be lucrative to use for your business. If you have a creative agency running your campaign, you may even be the next big viral video, which can make your business take off. Advertising on TikTok can be done in different ways, like other social media platforms, but your business’s potential returns can be so high that it is a platform that you do not want to ignore.

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Is Dropshipping Model A Great Business Opportunity?

Several years ago, the dropshipping business model was easy to start and succeed. You identified the on-demand products and find a supplier to dropship the products. The next step is to list them on large e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay. Millions of buyers visit these popular platforms daily. The future of dropshipping has not changed, it offers the same opportunities. The only stipulation is that the offered dropshipping products are priced correctly for successfully selling your items.

Dropshipping model is highly competitive today, so ensure to look for the best dropshipping supplier. If you are looking to dropship fashion accessories, bags, and clothing then look at websites like LovelyWholesaleOn GoTen, you can read the benefit of choosing LovelyWholesale. It has a wide selection of quality sold at bottom prices that is suitable for your dropshipping model.

Makes sure your approach is right. Have real expectations as it is not a get rich overnight scheme. For keeping your dropshipping business sustained and earns profits find creative marketing techniques like promoting on social media platforms and search engine optimization.

Is dropshipping business more challenging today?

Running any kind of business is a dare and is not for those looking to earn quick money and give the sector a bad rep. A professional dropshipping business will develop as customers start buying and feel satisfied.

For example, GoTen is the best home decor dropshipping platform. The drop shipper has its own warehouse and your customers get undamaged goods delivered on-time. Thus choosing a first-hand drop shipper without any need for a handler adds to the delivery speed.

Dropshipping model is unchanged the way to gain success certainly has. The ones that say drop shipping is not a profitable business is the ones that desire to earn easy money. Those who consider the business seriously and are prepared to invest effort and time to fulfill their long-term goal will find dropship business a great opportunity.

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