July 2021


How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Property Selling

 Circumstances may change which can lead to a person selling their properties. Modern technology, however, has contributed greatly in helping this making selling more accessible than ever before with the help of the internet. You can even find some properties featured on websites like Property Press Online for more people to see. With that being said, selling a property will require more effort and time on your end to make them successful. Let us look at some of the tips you may want to consider when you plan to sell your property in the future.

Make a Good Impression


The impression of potential buyers will have a huge impact on getting your property sold in a timely fashion. This is why many individuals put a huge emphasis on making sure that their home and property is presentable when they showcase them to the public. For instance, you may want to consider doing the necessary repairs first before deciding to put an ad and have them featured in Property Press Online or other similar sites. This will go a long way in helping save you from the hassle of being notified by your buyers because of these issues. Furthermore, this also reduces the chances of doing repairs that were not done on your end but may have been caused by the buyer.

Don’t Take Lighting for Granted 

It should be noted that most buyers will often visit a property that they are interested in during the day. This gives them the best visibility allowing them to check every nook and cranny of the home without any issues. Since they visit the property during the day, some sellers may take lighting for granted leaving them off for the entire duration. A good amount of sunlight coupled with some light bulbs can make a house bright and cheery which is a trait potential buyers look for. This in turn makes it a good idea to increase the wattage of your light bulbs during their visit. The same can also be said with regards to your drapes as you may want to take them down and also clean your windows in advance to help let the sunshine in.

Leave Some Furnishing 

Keeping your home in tip-top shape plays a huge part in making them look presentable. A simple trick of helping make your home or property feel more spacious is by removing any clutter or junk in the vicinity. This can include your furniture as you may want to consider clearing them out before selling your home. With that being said, some buyers lean towards purchasing a fully furnished property as this helps save them a considerable amount of time and energy in designing their home. A fully furnished home can help easily draw the interest and attention of your property which makes them enticing to your buyers. If you do have plans to include them. make sure that the things that you leave behind are still in relatively good working condition.

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Disappointed with Your ULIP? Here’s What to Do!

In life, many times, things might not go as planned. Sometimes you make a plan, execute it to perfection but it ends up being completely unsuccessful. This applies to finances as well. You put money into something so that things are better for you financially, but it ends up being a disappointment. A great example can be your ULIP plan. Sometimes you buy a ULIP plan thinking you will enjoy a wide range of benefits. While the plan is often profitable, what if doesn’t work well for you? You might wonder what you can do about it.

Well, you might have shopped for clothes, electronics, etc. online. With every purchase, you have the option of getting a refund if the product does not suit your liking. While, it is not exactly the same with ULIP plans, there is a provision for refunding a ULIP plan. There are also other options available for a policyholder. Here is everything you need to know about it:

  • Refunding ULIPs

Firstly, you can get a refund on a ULIP plan if you are dissatisfied with it. However, the offer does not stand for all time. When you buy the policy, you have a certain amount of time as a free look period. This period is designed for you to essentially read the fine print of the policy. This gives you time to check if the policy is completely as good as you want it to be. If it is not to your liking, you can use this time period to return the policy and get a refund.

This refund includes the premium you paid for the policy along with other expenses as well. For example, ULIP plans are essentially life insurance plans with investment options. All kinds of life insurance plans take your health, lifestyle, and life expectancy into account before offering coverage. To have the right information on your health, insurance providers will require you to go through medical tests. The expenses of these tests are counted as an insurance cost. Hence, when you refund your plan, you get the refund for the cost of medical tests as well. Other expenses that are refunded include stamp duty, proportionate risk premium, etc.

  • Switching funds

ULIP plans work through units. When you pay your premium, you purchase a fixed set of units. Each of these units has a monetary value. The total worth of the units in each category decides how much coverage you have and how much money you’ve invested. Depending on your financial goals, either you can divert more units towards various market linked funds as an investment, or store these units as insurance coverage. Regardless, there is always a chance that the funds do not work out for you.

In such a situation, you can simply switch between your ULIP funds. There are different funds that your money is invested in. because these funds are linked to the market, market conditions affect their performance as well. Different funds are affected differently in a certain market situation. Hence, there is way to avoid adverse market conditions by switching to a different fund. If you were heavily into equity funds, you can go for a fund switching into debt funds. This not only helps you protect your investment, but it also makes sure that the entire ULIP plan does not fail as a whole. This means that it avoids any adverse effects on the insurance coverage you have.

Now that you are aware of what to do in case you aren’t satisfied with your ULIP, make sure to take the right decision! Use a ULIP calculator to know how much you need to invest in today to secure your financial life goals tomorrow.

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