November 2021


Mark Hauser Announces Acquisition of CEI Vision Partners By EyeCare Partners

Hauser Private Equity, a Cincinnati-based private equity firm specializing in lower and mid-tier markets, has announced a major transaction in their healthcare portfolio. Cincinnati-based vision care provider CEI Vision Partners has entered an acquisition agreement with the nation’s largest eye care network, EyeCare Providers, which in turn is owned by Swiss private equity firm Partners Group Holding AG.

Mark Hauser, the managing partner of Hauser Private Equity, believes that mid-tier markets in the healthcare sector should not be overlooked and the Cincinnati region is rife with strong businesses serving multiple markets.

“We have made numerous investments in ophthalmology across our fund portfolio. Revelstoke and the management team of CEI have been top performers and the acquisition by EyeCare speaks to the strength of the investment and the market power of Cincinnati businesses,” Mark Hauser has stated on the successful acquisition agreement and co-investments with Revelstoke Capital Partners.

Hauser Private Equity has previously made investments in the healthcare sector, particularly in ophthalmology. The firm is seeking to recreate the success they have had with their co-investment programs as finding the right targets and acquirers has been a cornerstone of their success.

Hauser Private Equity co-managing partner Paul Swanson spoke on their co-investments with Revelstoke Capital Partners and saw a bright future for CEI Vision Partners acquisition by EyeCare Partners. “We are thrilled with this outcome for the employee partners of CEI Vision and for the investors In Hauser Private Equity Core Fund III. We are also excited about the continued progress of our other two co-investments with Revelstoke Capital Partners, OrthoAlliance (formerly Beacon Orthopedics) and DataLink.”

EyeCare Partners is based in St. Louis with practices in 18 states. As the practice seeks expansion in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions, the acquisition of CEI Vision Partners will now account for almost 1,000 doctors (280 ophthalmologists and more than 700 optometrists), 5,000 clinical staff, 1,200 staff in support functions.

This represents major growth from CEI Vision Partners’ current capacity of 150 doctors serving 52 facilities across four states.

“CEI Vision Partners has grown substantially over the last three years by partnering with leading ophthalmology practices in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic region, and we are excited to take this growth to the next level in partnership with EyeCare Partners,” said Clyde Bell, CEO of CEI Vision Partners regarding the acquisition.

Upon completion of the acquisition, EyeCare Partners now expects to serve more than 3 million patients per year.

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The Importance of Customer Communication Management Software

Customer communication management software is a set of tools that can help businesses communicate with their customers more efficiently and effectively. The software offers a centralized platform where all customer interactions and data can be stored, analyzed, and shared with team members. It also offers live chat and instant messaging to create an interactive experience for customers. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons it is important for companies to use customer communication management software.

 Why Customer Communication Management Is Important

The first benefit that CCM software provides to organizations is ease of use. In fact, the user interface is designed to make managing customer communication more efficient. Businesses will know where the customer interactions are taking place, and their staffers will know who is talking to whom. The software can also automate administrative tasks. A company can upload sales, inventory, and supplier information from a variety of sources and have it show up within the communications interface. All of these tools come together to give businesses a more unified strategy for communicating with their customers.

What Customer Communication Management Software Does

The main benefit of customer communication management software is that it helps business owners communicate with customers in a quick and efficient manner. Companies can customize customer communication management software to suit their unique needs and preferences. There are many tools that can be integrated into the software. Some of the features include live chat, social media management, and email marketing tools.

User-friendliness and convenience are also some of the advantages of customer communication management software. By the time a customer uses a customer communication management software, he or she will feel comfortable and accustomed to it. This will make it easier for the customer to communicate with the company.

Customer communication management software provides you the opportunity to analyze the data that you receive from your customers. By properly collecting the right information, you can offer a more personalized experience to your customers. This can help to boost your company’s revenue.

Customer communication management tools also give you the opportunity to create automated alerts and notifications when a customer interaction is required. These can alert team members of any concerns or complaints that a customer might have. This can help improve customer service and satisfaction.

Customer communication management software helps companies create a unified customer experience where all the information about a particular customer is stored and updated in one place. This allows businesses to share information about products and services easily with customers, thus driving increased customer retention.

Businesses have less time to get customers to buy from them, especially in the internet age where time is of the essence. This is where customer communication management software comes into play. It allows businesses to have a responsive customer service staff that is up to date with the latest happenings of the company. This helps customer experience go up and helps companies retain customers.


Customer communication management software is a must for every company because it helps employees manage their customer-centric workloads. It also provides features that help teams work efficiently. Having a fully functional customer communication management software in place can help businesses grow, as they can focus on the important aspects of running their business instead of the other mundane tasks regarding customer communication.

There are so many tools available in the market that one has to spend a considerable amount of time and resources to find a tool that suits one’s requirements. Customer communication management software helps you to save time by automating tasks and better managing these workloads.

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