Discover The Best Website Design Tips For 2020

Website design done by Comrade Digital Marketing Agency for example is a job that needs to think about two bases: a good visual presentation, which is attractive to the user, and functionality in the browsing experience. From this, it is possible to project the most essential website development tips for 2020.

Grab Attention With Visual Cues

Visual appeal is something that needs to be used in website design. Users are more likely to pay attention to shapes, images, and illustrations, especially when chosen carefully. It is about composing all the information shown on the site in the most didactic way possible. Ideally, visual cues should be part of the text, for example.

There is a popular expression, not very friendly, but which helps to understand this concept humorously: “do you understand, or do you want me to draw it?”. This is what should be designed: images that help the user understand the message being conveyed. They do not necessarily need to be explanatory, but ideally, they complement an idea.

Visual cues are not always images but can be small visual elements that direct the visual field to which you want the user to dedicate attention. This is a precise strategy to ensure the site is understood and consumed correctly.

Know That The Page Fold Is Still Relevant

More and more, website design is designed so that the consumption of pages is done intuitively and functionally. For this reason, scrolling has become increasingly important lately, as some designs think of pages without division, that is, without folding. The proposal is that this generates in the user the idea that the content is not in visual divisions, in addition to the functional issue.

As much as these pages are more inviting, as they bring continuous content consumption, the user still has a different understanding. When a site loads, naturally, the pages bring top content. Everything at the top, that is that can be seen without having to scroll down the page is more consumed on a website.

Research on navigation heat maps shows that page folding is still highly relevant. This means that websites must be designed with priority information and elements positioned before the fold.

This facilitates the delivery of relevant content, ensuring user satisfaction and a good browsing experience.

Moderate The Level Of Persuasion From The Top Of The Page

Content before the fold is of great importance, but that doesn’t mean that everything necessary on your site should stop there. This first content impacts and draws attention but mainly generates interest for continuity. Therefore, it is essential to continue delivering what your user expects, that is, to develop your main offer on the site.

For 2020, it is essential to understand that the type of page on your website by orlando seo company for example needs to hold the reader but not be so interesting as to deliver everything he needs. In practice, speaking of metrics, the time spent on pages tends to drop a lot if this is done. For example, Google algorithms can punish that page’s ranking for understanding that it does not hold the user’s attention. Given this, the ideal is to guide those who access the site so that the engagement happens later, with continuity below the fold. CTAs need to preferably stay in this region, ensuring the attention of those accessing the site.

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