How working in a non-adult cam studio helped two different women become successful

This is a story about two women who were both able to overcome difficult problems in their lives by working in a non-adult cam studio. Natalie and Simone are young, smart, and career- oriented.

Both of them wanted a chance for a better future when they decided to join Studio 20 –, the biggest studio in the world. And both of them got exactly what they wanted. Here is how their stories developed and how they managed to be successful.

Natalie (26 years old): “I was supported even when I doubted myself”

Born in a small village, Natalie has always been a woman with big dreams. Ever since she was just a little girl, she wanted to have her own house, where she could invite all of her friends over.

By working in a non-adult cam studio, she has managed to fulfill her desire and got the apartment of her dreams. But that is not everything that she achieved. She is now a successful and confident model.

I knew it would take time to make my dreams come true. When I joined Studio 20, there were times when I doubted myself and my ability to become a successful model.

But my colleagues were always there for me. They helped me evolve and build a strong member base. I am very excited about what I do and how I live now, especially since I got the apartment that I have always dreamed of”, says Natalie.

Simone (22 years old): “I can finally combine education with working”

Simone is a young woman who wanted to work without sacrificing her education. She tried to get a job in a corporation, but the schedule was what convinced her that it would be impossible to work and study at the same time. Then, she got the idea of working in a non-adult cam studio and joined Studio 20.

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