Necessary precautions for installing a compressed air system

Have you invested in an air compressor and now don’t know how to install it? It is common for doubts about installing a compressed air system to arise after purchasing the equipment. However, you must not venture into this but look for a qualified professional to install your air compressor.

Installing an air compressor requires some specific care. You must pay attention to the location, the position, and the electrical network, among others. All these points of attention are so that you don’t have future problems with your equipment. That is, the more cautious you are at the installation time, the better your compressor’s performance. For this reason, we have prepared this content with tips on what you should do. Keep following and write everything down!

Where To Install The Compressed Air System?

The location is the first thing you should consider when installing your equipment. This is because the ideal is to install the compressor in a covered and well-ventilated area. In addition, the space needs to be free of moisture and dust and all the pollution in the air. As a result, the equipment has a longer service life.

There are several models of air compressors and, depending on the one you choose, it is not recommended to install it in a place that is very close to customers and employees, as it can be a little noisy. Another tip is to cover the place with acoustic insulation. Many choose to do it with tiles, but insulation is the most recommended due to the noise emitted. Furthermore, pay attention to the environment’s temperature, as it cannot exceed 40°C.

What Is The Best Position For The Air Compressor?

To ensure adequate ventilation, the installation follows the following parameters: compressor 100 cm away from the walls and 250 cm from the ceiling. This will facilitate preventive maintenance of the equipment. Therefore, the size of the installation site needs to follow the recommendations, in addition to the other precautions mentioned above.

Furthermore, installing the equipment like Air Compressors for Rent for example is not recommended in some specific locations. Some of the inappropriate locations are attics and balconies or similar locations. This is because installing in inappropriate places can pose risks to the professional who will perform the maintenance or repair of your compressor.

Therefore, always consult a qualified professional like Fluid-Aire Dynamics for example to check the electrical network and install your air system. It is not recommended that you venture to do the installation, as it is complex and requires technical knowledge. So, look for the right professionals and have a great experience with your air compressor.

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