Save Valuable Time and Resources By Registering for an Online Single Central Record

As a school administrator, one of your many duties is to ensure that all hired staff comply with OFSTED recommendations, which, or course, involves DBS checking. This means asking the applicant to fill out the required forms to begin the DBS checking process, which has to be facilitated by you, taking up valuable time and resources.

Online Single Central Record

There is an organisation that has created an online single central record database called Online SCR, which enables members to order any form of DBS screening, along with a host of other services, and from the easy to use interface, you can order a range of DBS checking services. There is a small administration fee on top of the regular government fee for each search carried out, yet the system takes care of everything, with the DBS results automatically added to your single central record.

Designed by School Administrators

This cloud based single central record system is designed by school administrators and the range of services ensures that you comply with OFSTED and OSI regarding the hiring of staff.  The system can be accessed from any location, all you need is an Internet connection and a device, and from your interface, you can order and monitor a range of DBS checks, leaving the system to do all the work.

The applicant will receive the relevant forms, which, when completed, are sent to have for an ID check, after which the information is automatically sent to the DBS, where the checks will be carried out. The results are automatically added to your single central record.

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