What To Work On Getting Clients As A Lawyer: Its Offer To Customers

To create the meeting, you must already know what the customer wants. Indeed, lawyers have gone from a demanding market, where all they had to do is put up their plate and wait for clients to come and consult them, to a supply market that forces them to offer a legal service. “Today, we can no longer define our offer to what we do or want to do or the organization of our firm. We must analyze the market and determine which market we are addressing, then determine the market’s demand and come up with an offer that meets it. The meeting with the customer can only occur if our offer meets the expectations and needs of our customers.

The traditional pairing channels for lawyers are drying up enormously. We are used to working mainly by word of mouth, but the feeling that there are fewer and fewer customers coming to us this way gives us the impression that the cake is shrinking and that there are more and more people for the same cake. But this is only a view of the mind. In reality, the cake is not shrinking; it is much larger than before and is only growing. But we are no longer hung up on the good input tips from clients and files”. The new pairing channels are on a territory, the Internet, that the profession has not yet conquered.

Your Digital Identity

Most lawyers use the Internet in a basic way, as a tool to dematerialize their brochures, mail, and various and varied communications. But she does not see it as a territory where there are Internet users who have another approach to consumption, including the consumption of legal services.

” One of the first things to do is to invest your digital identity, that is to say, to be present on the Internet, to exist when your name is typed on Google, to control the first page of Google results on your name, to know exactly what comes out, be on the major social networks, understand how it works, not necessarily participate very actively but already exist. And then gradually ramp up to eventually hang on to the right channels and develop a new activity.

Its Web Marketing Strategy

To effectively work on your marketing strategy like immigration law firm marketing for example today, you must understand what the Internet and social networks can bring, then return to classic marketing theories and concepts applicable to everyone. For a prospect to become a customer, it takes between five and seven points of contact with that prospect. To meet a prospect, you must meet about three or four people. For this prospect to become a client, you must meet three or four people with whom you have five or seven points of contact. You imagine what it means in our world, and you understand why it is so difficult to have a new client. If you use the power of the Internet, you multiply your points of contact. For example, if you give a conference, you must broadcast it on the Internet by sharing your slides on a suitable platform. You then identify other target customers, and you create, through your avatar, virtually the conditions for customer development. »

Therefore, in this strategy from Grow Law Firm for example, the question of opening up knowledge also arises. With the Internet, knowledge has lost a lot of value, and lawyers generally find it difficult to accept it. Yet they are no longer the information providers they were 15 years ago. The trend has been reversed, and the practice of curation, that is to say, sharing knowledge that is not ours, has become commonplace and allows you to gain visibility and notoriety on the web. This question of opening up knowledge is also closely linked to added value, as mentioned during the second part of the evening.

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