July 2019


H1: How to Make the Most of a Small Office Space

When you don’t have much office space, the office fitouts in Melbourne that you choose are even more important than usual. Studies show that 50% of employees are willing to work longer hours if their employers improve their work environment. This goes to show that a little bit of appreciation goes a long way.

If you’re considering office fitouts in Melbourne, use some of the tips below to help you make the most of the space you do have in your office. These tips will help you to avoid cramped layouts while modernising your space and making it easier to work in every day. Your employees will be more productive when they can think and work freely in a pleasant work environment. This in turn will have a positive effect on your business’s bottom line.

H2: Consider Multipurpose Desks

In the old days, every employee had their own specific desk. Even further back, they had their own cubicle. But with the rise of open workspaces, the old “one desk, one employee” rule has been abolished for a more flexible solution. Many workplaces now have multiple desks that are never even used due to an inefficient room layout. When looking into office fitouts in Melbourne, make sure you ask about multipurpose or communal desks for better use of your available office space.  

H2: Implement Working Zones

Just like in a city’s urban zoning plan, in your small office, different areas can be demarcated for varying purposes. This can be a good way of saving space and boosting productivity. For example, a couch area might be good for privacy, a talking area for collaboration, a smoking area outside for smokers, and so on. As each area has a clear function, your workers can get on with that function without getting side-tracked by other staff members engaging in different activities right beside them. Consider this when enquiring about office fitouts in Melbourne.

H2: Allow Office Personalisation

Allowing your employees to bring in mementos from home can make a large difference to their comfort levels while they’re at work. Family photos, personalised coffee mugs, screensavers and other little touches can all do their bit to brighten up the office for staff members and make coming to work that little bit more cheerful. Employees can become drowsy after using their sight predominantly all day staring at a computer. Sensory tools such as stress balls or herbal teas can focus attention on the other senses and thereby boost alertness during a potential mid-afternoon slump. So when you design office fitouts in Melbourne for your business, consider allowing storage space or a display area for personal items.  

H2: Incorporate Plants

Including plants in your office fitouts in Melbourne is a great way to spruce up the office and give it a fresh look and feel. Greenery has a softening and calming effect on people’s eyes and moods, which means that plants are a positive addition to any workplace. Plants also work to purify the air indoors, stopping the air from becoming too musty.

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2 Ways Positivity Boosts the Morale of Your Ad Agency

Let’s admit it, it becomes easy to be engulfed in stress at work usually very often which can affect your day and your agency experience as well. So to make most of your time at the ad agency, you need to be positive. Here are the ways every top advertising agencies practice to increase the efficiency.

  1. Have a sturdy teamwork

Your attitude affects your compatibility with your colleagues. No one wants to work with someone who is in a bad mood all the time. Always stay alert on how you portray yourself when it comes to negative emotions. It is always appreciative to have an optimistic outlook and an efficient work ethic that makes you preferable for future projects as well. This attitude is contagious as well, others may get inspired by you to practice positivity too.

  1. Control stress

Everyone hates to be stressful. When you are stressed, you are eventually harming your body. It can impact your mental and physical health too and may cause insomnia, loss of focus, and fatigue. Always stay positive, no matter how stressful you are. This gives you clarity and transforms bad experiences into prosperous opportunities.

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