Benefits offered by Industrial Automation and Robotics System

Industrial automation would be best described as the usage of control systems. It would be inclusive of computers or robots along with information technology for successful handling of different kinds of processes and machineries in industry. It would be used as a replacement for human beings. It has been deemed as the second step beyond mechanization in the scope of industrialization.

Enhanced quality and flexibility in the manufacturing process

In the days of old, the primary purpose of automation was deemed to be increase in productivity. The reason was automated systems to work round the clock. It was also meant to reduce the overall cost pertaining to human operators. However, in the present times, emphasis has been laid on quality and flexibility in the manufacturing process. Automation has reduced the chances of errors occurring in installation of pistons into the engine and other similar kinds of intrinsic work. Robots have been designed to work with precision, as compared to human beings.

Benefits offered by industrial automation and robotics systems

Find below certain benefits offered by industrial automation and robotics systems in the industry.

  1. Lower operating cost

It would help eliminate the healthcare costs, holidays and paid leaves associated with a human operator. In addition, the industrial automation would not need other employee benefits inclusive of pension coverage, bonuses and more. Despite having high initial cost, it would save you significant amount in the long run.

  1. High quality products

Warcom would reduce the errors associated with human beings significantly. Moreover, unlike humans, robots do not suffer fatigue, resulting in uniform and high quality products manufactured at different times.

  1. High productivity

Even though several companies have been known to hire hundreds of production workers for running three shifts for running a plant for maximum hours, the plant needs to be closed for maintenance and holidays. Industrial automation would enable the company to run manufacturing plant round the clock for a year. It would provide significant improvement in the overall production of the company.

  1. High safety

It would help you provide safety for employees, as robots would be handling hazardous conditions effectively.

  1. Accurate information

With the addition of automated data collection, industrial automation would enable you to collect major production information, reduce data collection costs and improve data accuracy. It would help you provide with facts in making appropriate decisions for reducing waste and improvement of the processes.

Industrial automation has found wide acceptance from different industries due to the major benefits offered inclusive of enhanced quality, productivity and safety at relatively lower cost.


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