Modernize Dealership Service Department with Right CRM Solution

Right kind of CRM solution can take total control of each aspect of service department, streamline processes, and support marketing efforts. It will help to enhance profit margins. So, ensure to be proactive and make use of every opportunity available like suggest premium parts and accessories to your clients as well as keep service department full of activity. Thus, take advantage of the potential of service department.

How to modernise the service department with right CRM software?

Apply multiple communication techniques

Interaction with clients is crucial for dealership right from initial purchase phase to the final sales. The CRM software is capable to store each and every interaction and details of clients. Thus, you can stay in touch after each service or sales visit. In this high-tech ambiance use combination of marketing channels like –

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Direct mail
  • Social media

Send service notices automatically

Customers hardly remember their service schedules because of their hectic lifestyle. You can contact them in advance through gentle reminders. This increases the chances of their visiting your shop for premium services. CRM system allows to automate notification process thus supporting marketing personnel.

Advertise service promotions

Some customers ignore regular maintenance. Create appealing offers like free tire rotation or discounted oil changes, which will possibly attract them. Auto dealership software will help to identify the consumers most likely to cash in such offers. Once they visit your service station, you get a chance to offer additional services or upgraded products.

Maintain thorough consumer profile

Every consumers profile needs to include the model and make of the vehicle, service history, employer, credit score, income level, home address, phone numbers, email address, hobbies, and social media account details. This information helps to enhance marketing opportunities.

Track necessary, suggested and declined services

CRM software helps service department personnel to keep track of the services previously accepted, suggested and declined. This helps personnel to decide which optional service that can interest the client without seeming pushy or overly eager for sale.

Schedule service wisely

Empty department is bad and overcrowd can frustrate clients, especially when repairs get delayed. With CRM system spread regular maintenance schedules evenly and promotions in staggered way making sure your shop is not overly busy or empty on any day. It also helps to determine your necessary staffing levels thus keeping employees happy and decreasing overall expense as service volume becomes more predictable.

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