Why Using Business Checks Is More Secure Than Online Payments

Despite the influx of modern payment options, checking accounts are still a popular way for businesses to make payments. For business owners, checks can provide a clear paper trail and help to keep personal and business expenses separate for tax time.

Business checks also have many security features that can help reduce fraud, such as holograms, fluorescent fibers and watermarks. This means that even if the check does end up in the wrong hands, it will be very easy to detect.

Paper Trail

A business check leaves a paper trail, which can be important for keeping records of your business’s purchases and expenses. This can help keep your books organized and help you avoid any potential errors at tax time.

Additionally, business checks usually provide additional security features that personal checks don’t offer. For example, they may feature holograms and watermarks that make them more difficult to duplicate than standard printed checks.

Another advantage of using business checks is that they tend to have a slower processing time than other payment rails, which can help you hang on to your money for longer and manage your cash flow. This can be especially helpful if you are a small business owner who isn’t yet established and wants to maximize your earnings. A slower processing time can also help you keep track of your expenses more closely and minimize risk of overspending. For this reason, some businesses prefer to use checks even when other options are available.


Business checks come with a variety of customizable security features that make it harder to forge or copy them. These features include holograms, fluorescent fibers and watermarks to discourage fraudsters from tampering with the information printed on the check.

Moreover, business checks draw from a company’s assets and are not tied to an individual owner’s personal bank account, which protects the business in case the owner is found liable for a lawsuit. In contrast, a personal check draws from the owner’s own money and could potentially expose the owner’s home, car or savings to a judgment against their company.

While you can procure business checks through your financial institution, many companies today choose to go to private check-production providers that offer lower prices and more customization options. However, you must make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable and trusted provider to avoid falling victim to scams. See our list of the top business checks providers for more info.


Business checks are a reliable and convenient way to pay your business’s vendors and clients. They also offer important security features. You can order business checks online or at a bank, credit union, or third-party check-printing company. There are many types of business checks available, including laser-print and manual options that come with paystub vouchers or multiple checks per page. You can also choose to have holograms, watermarks, or fluorescent fibers added.

Larger businesses may prefer to use payroll service providers to issue and monitor payroll checks. These services can help save time, reduce risk of fraud, and make it easier to sync up checking account information with accounting software.

Using business checks can provide a more professional appearance than handing out a personal check or cashing a check at an ATM or bank branch. This is especially important if you want to maintain clear separation between your personal and business assets. If you receive a check from a client or vendor that’s made out to your business, it’s best to deposit it and wait for the funds to clear.


As a form of payment, checks are one of the most privacy-protecting ways to pay. Because they are a physical item that needs to be printed and signed, it makes it much more difficult for someone to steal your information and use it fraudulently.

Another reason to opt for business checks is that they make it easier to track and verify payments with a system such as accounting software. Personal checks will often get mixed up in the books and could lead to mistakes. However, business checks will be clearly marked with the business name and address, allowing you to keep your accounts in order and avoid any errors. This is not possible when using a credit or debit card.

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