How to drive traffic to your ecommerce store

A good email list can boost your revenue with a good email marketing strategy by driving traffic to your store. Either if you decide to reach out to an Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency or do it inhouse you should consider some basic points that will help you increase your website traffic and eventually convert.

  1. Get them to open your emails

First thing to do would be to engage with your list which is already familiar with your brand. Use creative Subject Lines that catch their eyes and make them want to open and discover what’s inside.

  1. Offer valuable content that will increase your Click Rates

Once they’ve opened your emails make sure you’re offering valuable content also related to your Subject Lines, otherwise you’ll only get half way. The content you send should talk about your products/services, process of production, brand mission and philosophy and what works the most is How to and Tips & Advice Newsletters that are connected to your main products or collections.

  1. Use visually appealing Templates

Make sure you’re using attractive layouts for your email campaigns so that your subscribers are driven to click, go to your website and eventually convert. If you don’t feel inspired here are some Great Email Templates for Email Marketing that will help you get some nice ideas to engage your list.

  1. Don’t give everything in the email

Even though we want to offer good content to hook our subscribers we don’t want to give them the whole information in our Newsletters so make sure you just give a hint of what they can find in your site. One great advice is to have a blog in your ecommerce store where you can drive them to when you talk about specific subjects.

  1. User friendly website

The journey doesn’t end once they’ve clicked on your email. Since our main goal is to convert, make sure your website is easy to navigate and user friendly, this way you’ll manage to avoid high bounce rates that might affect your site performance and analytics.

  1. Offers & Promotions that hook your customers

For big holiday campaigns make sure that you’re using attractive offers that catch their attention and make them click. Remember that once they are navigating in your website the information should also be displayed, discounts applied and all the FAQs responded. This way we increase the probability of conversions and address any kind of doubts or fears they might have.

Advertising is not the only way to drive traffic to your website, there’s also other channels to do it and Email is one of them, don’t underestimate this media that beyond disappearing – as much would say – is still growing and helping us overcome challenges such as the new iOS and Google privacy updates.

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