Moving Overseas When You Have Kids

A move overseas can be a big enough decision, but when you have kids, it can be even more difficult. Kids are sometimes resistant to the idea of moving abroad, and you may find that you need to ensure they keep the same sort of lifestyle when they move, so they don’t feel alienated. If you’re considering a move abroad with children and aren’t sure where to start, follow the tips below.

Get them prepared for the move

Preparation is key when it comes to a big move. You can do this by:

  • Talking to them about the move well in advance
  • Letting them research your destination and find things they’ll like
  • Making sure they know they can stay in touch with family and friends
  • Making sure they pack sentimental items, so they have them when they arrive

Kids are usually adaptable and able to cope with change, but it’s important to get them prepared.

Choose the right school

The right school can also help them to settle in, and means their education isn’t disrupted. You may want to consider Thailand Bangkok international school, as they can still get lessons given in English, while also learning the local language at their own pace. International schools can also be excellent for expat kids, as they have their own community, and your child is more likely to make friends when they arrive.

You can have a better work life balance

One of the reasons many people become expats is because some countries have a more family-focused culture. This can mean a better work/life balance, where you spend less time at the office and more time with your kids. If you can achieve this, then your child may be happier moving abroad, as they’ll enjoy a much better lifestyle. Before you leave, research where you are going and look into what’s around the area. You can then plan some amazing family days out with your kids and enjoy great family time together.

If you’re thinking of moving overseas, having children shouldn’t stop you from doing so. But you will need to put extra plans in place for them. Children can sometimes be upset by the thought of moving abroad, but it can be a big boost for your family and can give you more time to enjoy together. While your child may be resistant at first, over time, you’ll find they settle into a new pace of life.

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